Your Union

10 point guide to your College Students' Union. 

  1. Run by students for students.

You vote for ten students every year to run the Students’ Union (SU), they have help from two College staff who make sure no laws are broken and that ideas are thought through and projects happen.

  1. We are about education.

You have come to college to get a qualification, the Students' Union number one job is to ensure you get what you expect and that you should have high expectations from your time in the classroom. Every year we’ll ask you who the best teachers are and tell the College about them.

  1. Friendship & Fun.

The Students' Union will always run trips, events and activities to make life at college as much fun as possible and give you the chance to meet other students from all over the college. This only works if you get involved so make sure you do.  We will even charge your mobile if you need to!

  1. Your College, Your future.

We want to offer you the chance to leave college with the best CV possible. We offer the chance to volunteer, raise money for charity and attend interactive workshops to learn new skills.

  1. You are part of something bigger

Your Union is part of the National Union of Students (NUS) which represents 7 million students and 600 Students' Unions across the UK.  Because of this you can get great student discounts from the NUS extra card and have a direct voice to the government.   

  1. Every student matters.

Each class elects its own rep who gets a different colour lanyard, special training and meetings once a term to talk about what’s happening at College. We also have events for students who might have special issues, such as those with disabilities, student parents or apprentices.

  1. We are there for you.

If you have a problem with your course or get in trouble at college we will be there to help you and make sure the college does everything it should to support you. We are on your side.

  1. Stay Healthy and Get Active.

The Students' Union funds sports clubs and other activities so you can have a healthy lifestyle. Our teams play against other colleges and there is something for everyone. We’ve organised for NHS nurses to come to College every week.

  1. Open 24 hours.

Whilst our office might not be open all the time, you can always send us a message via email or social media. Our website contains loads of information about what is going on.

  1. We want a better world.

We are a political organisation. This means we want a better future for students, a cleaner environment and equal opportunity for everyone.  

And one for luck!

We are the most successful Futher Education Students' Union in the UK winning loads of awards over the last ten years. We only do this because students like you get involved and make a difference.  

Registered Office

Registered Office: Canterbury College, New Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3AJ