Li Knight - Further Education Officer


My job as Further Education Officer is to meet with and listen to the students and find what they want, as well as to liaise with all class reps. It is also not just about listening but to inform staff of information whether it be about concerns or ideas from students to help make better courses and a better learning enviroment.


During my time as FE Officer I am going to propose a new structure for the class reps, which will see a new role of department rep. This is going to streamline the structure, gathering and documenting any issues, concerns or ideas the students have.

I also plan along with the help of my fellow SU team to tackle the issues raised in the Mojo Meter report. These will include student sleep patterns and food habits as well as our biggest topic wich is students resilence and bullying.


During my time I hope to make a difference and at the very least build a foundation on which true change can begin.

Registered Office

Registered Office: Canterbury College, New Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3AJ